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Blue-Water Lily - Nymphaea nouchali - Nil Manel

Flower of Blue water lily Nil Manel
Blue water lily Nil Manel in Sinhalese, is a beautiful aquatic flowering plant from Sri Lanka, that naturally found in man-made tanks and wetland, slow moving streams in tropical areas. It is commonly cultivated as an ornamental plant of domestic gardens. In Sri Lanka, (Nil Manel) Water Lily is most popular for various activities especially for the Buddhists worship. As well as Nil Manel is the state flower of Sri Lanka.

Flower Description

Water Lily is a emergent aquatic plant native to Sri Lanka, Australia. Myanmar, and India. It is a perennial plant of Nymphaeaceae family and genus of the is scientific name is Nymphaea nouchali. Water Lily is not a species of Lotus (Nelumbo) so not be confuse with the Lotus (Nelum) or Nymphaea lotus (Olu). Blue Water Lily flower is bloom in daytime and wither after 3 or 4 days with 10 to 20 cm diameter. Sepal is tetramerous and 20 –24 petals in Blue violet colored with reddish edge.

In Sri Lanka, other species of the Blue Water Lily is Red water lily, called in some countries as Dwarf Red water Lily.

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