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Chaste tree- Vitex blue-Nil Nika

Common Classification 
Common Names Chaste tree,Blue vitex
Name in Sinhalese Nil Nika, Kalu Nika
Categories Herbs
Scientific Classification
Family Lamiaceae
Genus Vitex
Species V.agnus
Scientific Names Vitex agnus, Vitex robusta, Vitex integra.
Culinary / Edible No
Use as Medicament Yes Leaves, Barks, Roots
Poisoned / Toxin No
Origin  Nil Nika or Chaste tree is Native plant to Sri Lanka and several Asian countries It is widely used in Ayurveda medicine and found in home lands and forest borders in the Sri Lanka low land.

Flower buds of Vitex agnus
Flower buds of Vitex agnus  ( blue chaste tree )

Back side of leaves
Back side of leaves

Flowers of Vitex agnus
Flowers of Vitex agnus ( Nil Nika )

Vitetex agnus leaves
Vitex agnus leaves (Kalu Nika Or Nil Nika)
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