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The or Commonly referred, as SL Flora is a none profit none-religious, none officially, independently operated web site play based in Sri Lanka stays solely friendly to the nature and the environment. But It will not limited to the above and promote Sri Lanka to the world which is the amazing nature with 3000 years old history and Culture of fantastic paradise.
*SL Flora* provides information about Flowers and plants in Sri Lanka including but not limited to Vegetable, Medicinal plants, Ornamental Plants, Poisoned plants, Weeds, and Wild Plants, that some are exclusively on the SL Flora. Some information of the website are unexceptionable and some may be unsubstantiated.


Main aim of SL Flora is Identification of the correct plants. It will come with-
  1. Conservation of important Wild species
  2. Helping to Control the noxious weed that impact to the Agriculture
  3. Understanding about high valued crops and improve the benefits
  4. Understanding about Medicinal plant and maintain the good health condition.
The overall goal is enhance and maintain the rich Biodiversity of the land. That mean help protect forests, Trees, Other live-stocks, Natural water bodies of the environment and keep echo friendly cultivation and those can make the green earth which great place to live with the great atmosphere.

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'SL Flora' Image Gallery offers you large number of images that related to the Si Lanka Flowering Plants including flowers, leaves, fruits and other associate images. Almost those pictures were taken in natural light for easy identify to their natural characteristics and natural habitation, and 99 % of them are unedited. The pictures are taken at the biodiversity hotspots in Sri Lanka such as Horton Plain and Sinharaja forest, and at the Public travel destinations such as Public parks, Botanical gardens, Train Stations, Mountains, Waterfalls, Smal and large forest, River Belts such as Kalu Ganga in Matale District, near-by Man made tanks in Raja-Rata, and belt of Sea coast around the island.


The majority of the photos in this collection that about Flowers and Plants are taken by amateur photographers with their owner Copyrights. that cannot use any purpose without their permission. See also Copyright Notice


We do not host any nude pictures or pictures of Celebrities / Stars. If you are looking for them please leave the site. However, if you find any unsuitable image, video, link or advertisement, then please Contact us or e-mail usgiving detail of such images or links


Any links provided or advertisements displayed on our site are for informational purposes only and we are not responsible for the content of external Internet sites.

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