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Kadupul Flowers-Flower from the Heaven

Kadupul flower
Kadupul Flowers - Epiphyllum oxypetalum
Another beautiful rare flower comes from Sri Lanka,which is white-yellow colored and grows to about 10 to 30 cm in diameter with emanating pleasant fragrance. Kadupul flower plant is a Species of cactus family and its scientific name is Epiphyllum oxypetalum. Although It is a terrestrial plants, it may be grow with clinging on trees as a epiphytic but absolutely not a parasite Plants are well growth in Sri Lanka, India and South American countries. . It is commonly in Sri Lanka tropical rain forests and now grows as an ornamentation plant in gardens. Flower has different names in different countries Queen of the night, Flower from the Moon, are some of those. Sri Lanka called as Kadupul Mal or Flower from the Heaven and India called as Brahma Kamal.

Flower Blossom

buds of Kadupul

Flower start blooming during 10pm to 11pm and continue its blooming about two hours. Almost all the buds are completely bloom when the midnight In between this process flower emits sweet fragrance to surrounding area and soon after its full bloom start to fade and completely wilt before the dawn. Flowers bloom monthly approximately full moon days and can be bloom about 100 flowers per one shrubs.

Kind of Kadupul

There are two kind of Kadupul in Sri Lanka
  1. Epiphyllum hookeri

    Thin Petals
  2. Epiphyllum oxypetalum

    Broad petals
These are slightly different in each other.

Epiphyllum hookeri

Thin Petals
This type of Kadupul plant has long leaves about 2 meters without stem and flower is small about 15 cm diameter with thin petals

Long leaves of Thin petals Kadupul

Thin petals Kadupul Flower

Back side of of Thin petals Kadupul Flower

Epiphyllum oxypetalum

Broad petals
Other type of kadupul plant has short leaves about 30-40 cm and flower is bloom about 30 cm with broad petals. flower is more beautiful than thin type.

leaves of Broad petal Kadupul
Flower of Broad petals Kadupul


Easy growing by stems and leaves cutting and can be grow as a terrestrial plants or can be grow with clinging on trees as a epiphytic
Kadupul plant grow on the tree
Kadupul flower is a one of the top 10 most expensive flowers in the world and also classify one of the top ten most rare flowers in the world
What is the reason of kadupul flower is most expensive? Conjecture is these flowers are only blossoms at night and wither in soon after the blossomed. Therefore it is difficult to plucked and bring to the flower shop so anyone cant buy this flowers even most people cannot be get experiential beauty and perfume of the flowers

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