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How to Collect Medicinal Plants for Ayurveda Medicine

If you hope to get Ayurveda medicine

Always ask your/a qualified herbal medicinal doctor when using herbal plants for any reason and get advice from practitioners for identify to obtain the correct medicinal plant

How to collect the medicinal plants for the Ayurveda medicine according to the ancient Ayurveda?

Medicinal plants or other plants of the same species may be vary in their chemical compounds content according to their growing condition with some unusual environmental factors and influence from other life forms such as animals, fungi, bacteria and even viruses. when we use any remedial plant for any reason, ensure that obtain their unique properties for avoid any unnecessary negative reaction.
Here are some significant conceptions for getting better performance in the herbal medicine.
  1. All ways plants should be free from dust
  2. Not be taken some sensitive plants after the leaves closed during the evening
  3. Don't take part of Plant that have been struck by Lightning,
  4. Don't collect plants instantly in heavy rainfall
  5. When using tubers or roots, Be aware of plants poisoning !!!
    1. don't collect when that are open to the air - Some tubers or roots may be poisoned if they are exposed to the air
    2. Identify the correct parts - Some other poisonous tubers still remain in the ground
    3. Read more Avoid plant poisoning

Wild Asparagus with Glory Lily

What 5 places you should not collect herbs for the Ayurveda medicine?

According to the ancient Ayurveda, there are have five places which we should not collect the herbs for medical remedies
  1. Temple - from a temple or any other places of worship such as Church or mosque
  2. Three Way Junction - on the road or road sideways
  3. Anthill - from a anthill
  4. Wash Out Plug - close to a Wella Haliya (In Sinhalese) which is any place that wash out, or washery, or any wash out plug, and Bathhouse, or Bathing spot
  5. Cemetery – from any god's acre, or graveyard
are the prohibited places in Traditional Ayurveda in Sri Lanka.

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