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Anthurium Red Spadix - Expensive Anthurium Velvet

Anthurium Expensive flower
Most expensive Anthurium Flower type in Sri Lanka

Common Classification 
Common Names Anthurium velvet, anthurium scarlet, Anthurium Red Spadix.
Name in Sinhalese Anthuriyam
Categories Flower
Scientific Classification
Family Araceae
Genus Anthurium
Species A. andraeanum x rubrifructum
Scientific Names Anthurium andraeanum x rubrifructum
Culinary / Edible No
Use as Medicament No
Poisoned / Toxin Yes Low All parts
Origin  Anthurium Red Spadix  is a flowering plant that hybrid between Anthurium andraeanum and rubrifructum.
It is introduced from Thailand.and one of the most expensive and beautiful Anthurium flower type in Sri Lanka because it's rare bloom and difficulty maintenance.The plant can propagate by seeds
Anthurium red spadix plant
Anthurium expesiveplant
Most expensive Anthurium Flower
Most Expensive Anthurium flower
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