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Caribia Hybrid Tea Roses - Harry Wheatcroft

A popular rose from hybrid tea roses family
Also known as Harry Wheatcroft roses

Caribia Hybrid is a most popular rose flower from  hybrid tea roses family because it's colors and brave of the flower forms It has a magnificent blossom in frequent from May to December and the flower will stay a long period. The flower blossom is upright and one bloom per end of the long stem as a attribute of other types hybrid tea roses. flower diameter is about 5 – 10 cm and can have up to 45-50 petals.petals are mat dark scarlet, or red with a yellow or white strips

Tags : Hybrid tea roses

Caribia tea rose

Colorful petals of the Caribia tea rose scarlet-white

Dark red Caribia rose or "Deep Secret rose"

Red -yellow strips in Harry Wheatcroft rose( bycolor)

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