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Rath Nitul-Plumbago indica

Rath Nitul - Plumbago indica
Rath Nitul is a rare herbal plant grows shrub or non-woody small tree found growing in secondary forest in Sri Lanka. It grows up about 1 meter with dark green leaves and orange-red flowers that bloom in about 3 times per years. The flowers of this plant are continue about one month.

Flower of Rath Nithul

Scientific Clarification

Rath Nitul - Plumbago indica is a species of flowering plant in the Plumbaginaceae family of the plante kindom it is a herbaceous perennials, and a evergreen plant. Similar species are growing in garden but this plant is not grow in garden in Sri Lanka, it is possible in India and Bangladesh. Similar Species in other countries are Indian leadwort, scarlet Leadwort, Rose-colored Leadwort,and Lal Chitrac. All these spices are slightly different with the Rath Nitul

Rath Nitul - Plumbago indica plant
Herbal uses: The roots are used for herbal medicinal remedies to . Entire plant can be used in herbal remedies but flowers and leaves are usually not taken for herbal medicine.

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