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Yellow wood Sorrel - Ambul Ambiliya

Yellow Sorrel flowering plant
Yellow Sorrel flowering plant
Yellow sorrel or Ambul Ambiliya is a flowering plant that native to Sri Lanka India and America. In Sri Lanka,The plant  use as a herb in Ayurveda remedies  as well as  as a leaf vegetable . Plant is night sleeping plant  like some other sorrel family plants and can be found naturally in lowland areas such as on  home gardens, back yards, grass lands, and road sideways It also well grows in shades areas as a  weed but not a too much invader.
Common Classification
Common NamesYellow wood sorrel, Pickle plant,  Lemon clover
Sinhalese NameAmbul Ambiliya
CategoryHerb Weed
Scientific Classification
Scientific NameOxalis stricta
SynonymOxalis fontana, Ceratoxalis cymosa
Growth HabitSubShrub Status - NativeNative
DurationAnnual Perennial Status (controlling)None invasive
Culinary / Edible YesOther useOrnamental
Use as HerbYesPoisoned / ToxinNo
yellow wood sorrel ambul ambiliya flowerFlowers of Oxalis stricta (yellow sorrel)yellow wood sorrel ambul ambiliya fruits and leavesLeaves and fruits  of Oxalis stricta (yellow sorrel)

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