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Wild Lantana-Verbenas-Baloliya

 Wild Lantana or Baloliya flower

Common Classification 
Common NamesLantana ,  Verbenas.
Name in Sinhalese  Baloliya
Categories Ornamental
Scientific Classification
Family Verbenaceae
Genus Lantana 
Species L.camara
Scientific Names Lantana camara, Camara × aculeata 
Culinary / Edible YesLowFruits
Use as Medicament Yes Mid Leaves and roots
Poisoned / Toxin Yes Low green fruits
Origin  Lantana is native to america and Africa.It is  introduced plant to Sri Lanka and now naturalized throughout tropical and subtropical areas in Sri Lanka. It is some time invasive and commonly found in forest borders, scrub jungle and wood lands in Sri Lanka
Gold Lantana leaves
 Fruits of Wild Lantana
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