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Khaki weed-Gomphrena celosioides

Bachelor’s button or khaki weed Shrub

Common Classification
Common Names khaki weed, Gomphrena, Bachelor’s button
Name in Sinhalese Gomphrena (New plant to Sri Lanka)
Categories Weeds
Scientific Classification
Family Amaranthaceae
Genus Gomphrena
Species G.celosioides
Scientific Name Gomphrena celosioides, Gomphrena alba, Gomphrena decumbens var. albiflora
Culinary / Edible No
Use as Medicament No
Poisoned / Toxin Yes Low All Plant
Description This is a weed, Naturalized from America and Brazil. Sometime, the Plant can be  invasive and commonly found in Road sideways, faddy fields and grass lands  in Sri Lanka
Gomphrena celosioides leaves
Gomphrena celosioides flowers
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