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Heliconia × nickeriensis Heliconiaceae parrot's flower-Gira mal

false bird of paradise flower
False bird of paradise flower
Common Classification
Common NamesParrot's flower, Macaw flower,Yellow Parrot flower
Name in SinhaleseHelikonia, Kaha gira mal
CategoriesShurub, Ornamental
Scientific Classification
SpeciesH. nickeriensis
Scientific NamesHeliconia × nickeriensis
Culinary / EdibleNo

Use as MedicamentNo

Poisoned / ToxinNo

Origin Heliconia × nickeriensis is native to South america and now naturalized in Sri Lanka as a ornamental plant because of  low-maintenance and easy growing habits,  it is widely used as a Landscaping plant.It is  hybrid plant that between H. marginata and H. psittacorum.

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