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Asteraceae Zelanica-Vernonia zeylanicum-Pupula

 Pupula - Vernonia zeylanicum Flowers in Boom

Common Classification
Common Names Pupula, Asterdaisiya, Asteraceae Zelanica
Name in Sinhalese Pupula
Categories Endemic, Herbs, Vine, Shrub.
Scientific Classification
Family Compositae (Asteraceae)
Genus Vernonia
Species V.zeylanicum
Scientific Names Vernonia zeylanicum
Culinary / Edible No

Use as Medicament Yes Mid Leaves, Leaves with stems
Poisoned / Toxin No

Origin  The plants  Pupula or Asteraceae Zelanica  is Endemic to Sri Lanka.  It is Powerful herb in Ayurveda medicine and commonly found in roadside ways, in  groves, or woodlands in wet land of Sri Lanka
Identification Pupula plants grow as a vine or shrub and will grow up  about  4 meters in height
Leaves of Pupula or Vernonia zeylanicum

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