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Alyxia ceylanica -Petchia ceylanica-Wal Waraka

fruits of Alyxia ceylanica - Wal Waraka or Kukul Kaduru

Common Classification
Common Names Alyxia ceylanica  Gynopogon ceylanicus, Pulassarium ceylanicum 
Name in Sinhalese Wal Waraka, Kukul Kaduru, Wal Kaduru,Wisa Kaduru
Categories Poisoned , wild plants, Endemic
Scientific Classification
Family Apocynaceae
Genus Petchia 
Species P.ceylanica
Scientific Names Petchia ceylanica, Alyxia ceylanica
Culinary / Edible No

Use as Medicament Yes Low Bark and roots
Poisoned / Toxin Yes Mid Fruits.

Origin  Alyxia ceylanica or Wal Kaduru is a Endemic plant to Sri is commonly found on forest borders, small forest, and wood lands in the wetland of Sri Lanka The plant is poisoned to humans and animals but used in Aurveda as a remedy 
Flower of Petchia ceylanica / Alyxia ceylanica
Fruits and leaves of Wal waraka or Petchia ceylanica / Alyxia ceylanica
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