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Heen Bovitiya - Osbeckia octandra

Heen Bovitiya flowers bloom at Horton Plains Sri Lanka
Common Names Osbeckia 
Name SinhaleseHeen Bovitiya
Categories Small Tree, Rare, Herbs

Scientific Name
Uses Heenbovitiya is use as a powerful herbs of Ayurveda medicine in Sri Lanka
The Osbeckia octandra  Melastomataceae of  family Small evergreen tree about 1 to 2 meters tall,  has dark green simple leaves with beautiful purple  flowers with  yellow middle about 5-8 cm wide. Native to Sri Lanka and India.The plant can be found on close to water streams, woodlands , small and large forest in wet land of Sri Lanka. Also found in hybrids on home garden as a ornamental plant.

Wild flower blooming - Heen bovitiya

Osbeckia  stellata flowering pl;ant growth as a ornamental

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