Torch Ginger - Land Lily - Etlingera Elatior

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Torch Ginger - Land Lily - Etlingera Elatior

Etlingera elatior (scientific name) is a perennial plant, grows in shrub about 2-3 m height that species of Zingiber genus in Zingiberaceae family (Ginger family). It's common name is Torch ginger, and also called in some part of  Sri Lanka as "Goda Manel (Land Lily), "Goda Nelum"(Land Lotus) in Sinhalese but actually it is not the "Goda Manel". The Etlingera elatior flower is beautiful flower bloom top of the vertical stem about one meter height and similarly to the Lotus flower. It is a rare plant to Sri Lanka.

Rare Flower to Sri Lanka "Torch Ginger or Land Lotus, Land Lily

Wild ginger or Goda manel or Land Lily
Wild Ginger or Goda Manel or Goda Nelum
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